12 January 2024

Early planning for South Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood

Bristol City Council has started initial work for the South Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood pilot, which will consider the BS3 area, including Southville, Windmill Hill and Bedminster.

The project team will work with local communities to design safer and quieter streets to encourage people to:

  • walk, cycle and wheel for shorter journeys
  • improve air quality
  • enhance the public realm and green spaces
  • improve access to local high streets

The South Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood trial project is in the early evidence gathering phase, including collecting traffic, air quality and noise data, as well as analysing the ward profiles.

This will lead onto a programme of engagement with key stakeholders, including local community leaders and organisations, to find out what issues and challenges their communities face.

This information, along with local data, will be used to co-develop early proposals to further collaborate and consult on before ward councillors make final decisions on the scope of the scheme.

People who live in or travel through south Bristol will also have the opportunity to share their views.

To find out more, visit www.bristol.gov.uk/sbln and sign up to receive news about the project as it progresses.

For an overview of design and engagement principles of Bristol Liveable Neighbourhoods, check out the Liveable Neighbourhoods Handbook.

Houses in south Bristol

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