Project Partners

Bedminster Green Regeneration is delivered in partnership to ensure the best possible outcomes for the local area.

Bristol City Council logo

Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council is the lead partner and one of the three landowners. It has brought together a team of people with different expertise from inside and outside the council, to work together to produce the Regeneration Framework for the area and drive forward delivery.

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Dandara Living logo

Dandara Living

Dandara is constructing the Stafford Yard development. This sits in between East Street and Malago Road, they are developing 316 apartments available for rent, of which 21 are affordable.

Dandara Living is also working with Bristol City Council under a development partnership to develop 339 new homes – a portion of which will be affordable – on the Bristol City Council-owned land surrounding Bedminster Green.

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Watkin Jones PLC logo

Watkin Jones PLC

As a specialist provider of purpose-built student accommodation, Watkin Jones is developing two sites within Bedminster Green.

This includes the former Pring & Hill site, which is next to the Sheene Road Junction, and the new University of Bristol halls of residence, which is being built on the former car park in between Dalby Avenue and Windmill Hill City Farm.

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Galliard Homes logo

Galliard Homes

Galliard Homes is developing the area in between St Catherine’s Place shopping centre and Dalby Avenue. Together with Firmstone Consortia they are delivering 180 homes.

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Firmstone / Consortia logo

Firmstone Consortia

With a number of existing developments in and around Bedminster, Firmstone Developments, in partnership with London-based Consortia, is developing St Catherine’s Place Shopping Centre as a mix of retail and residential properties. They will also enhance the connection through the precinct between Bedminster Green and East Street. Together with The PG Group they are delivering 180 homes.

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Platform Places logo

Platform Places

Platform Places is a social enterprise with a mission to unlock town centre buildings for amazing ideas that help us live affordably, sustainably and together.

They are working with Bristol City Council and local organisations to support community-owned and purpose-driven businesses on East Street.

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Action Greater Bedminster logo

Action Greater Bedminster

Action Greater Bedminster is the community partnership for Bedminster and Southville. They  work across a number of projects on Bedminster Green to make sure the regeneration meaningfully involves the many existing and new communities that live and work in and around the area.

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Vattenfall logo


Vattenfall is working across Bristol to deliver the District Heat Network, the infrastructure that will connect the homes of Bedminster Green and beyond to a ready supply of affordable and low-carbon heat.

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Windmill Hill City Farm logo

Windmill Hill City Farm

Sitting between the Bedminster Green and Whitehouse Lane regeneration projects, Windmill Hill City Farm is working across a number of projects attached to the regeneration which focus on community development and health and wellbeing.

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Building Bristol logo

Building Bristol

Building Bristol is a service to support local developers who are preparing planning applications so they can also create robust employment and skills plans. Building Bristol is led and supported by Bristol City Council. The strategic direction and work planning are overseen and supported by a board of key partners, including business, education, training, employment support, voluntary sector, trade unions and construction support.

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Ginkgo Projects logo

Ginkgo Projects

Ginkgo is an independent public art and cultural producer working with Bristol City Council and the development partners on a site-wide public art strategy for Bedminster Green.

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