Bristol City Council seeks to mitigate the loss of trees, however, in some cases it is necessary to remove themso construction work can take place along with wider improvements.

In developments where trees need to be removed, the Bristol Tree Replacement Strategy provides guidance on the number of trees that must be replaced to compensate for this loss.

These are provided onsite within the development, or within a one-mile radius of the site.

The 11 trees removed along Malago Road in front of Hereford Street car park in the winter of 2022/23 was to facilitate improvements as part of the highway works.

The trees had to be removed in the winter to comply with bird nesting guidance.

Although highways projects are not required to comply with the Bristol Tree Replacement Strategy , we ringfenced funding and worked with colleagues to identify 33 off-site replacement tree locations in south Bristol.

These trees have been planted in Bishopsworth, Brislington, Hartcliffe and Withywood and Knowle.

These 33 off-site trees will be in addition to the 38 trees that will be planted on-site through the highways project, along with low level shrub planting.