27 March 2024

East Street Bus Gate Restrictions Reminder

In December 2023, Bristol City Council completed work on the East Street bus gate. The bus gate aims to make East Street safer for pedestrians and encourage the use of public transport, easing traffic in the area.

East Street is closed to all traffic from 7am to 7pm, except for buses and for vehicles that are loading or unloading. There are also parking restrictions in place, with no parking allowed between 7am and 7pm.

Cyclists and scooters can travel in both directions along East Street.

Please be aware that parking officers have been patrolling the area and will be enforcing parking regulations. Officers recorded 106 vehicles and issued 51 penalty notices between December 2023 and January 2024 and a further 56 between February and March 2024.

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A double decker bus turning onto East Street. The road is marked to say busses only.

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