28 March 2024

Library of Things to open on East Street

Share Bristol is opening a Library of Things on East Street in the former Shoe Zone at St Catherine’s Place shopping centre.

The Library of Things is a collection of everyday items, such as camping gear and power tools, that are available for members to borrow. Find out more about becoming a member and pricing.

Becoming a member and loaning things from the library provides an alternative to buying rarely used items that can be expensive and take up valuable space in our homes. Check out the full range of things available to borrow, which are donated to the library to reduce waste and increase their lifespan.

Before they hope to open in April 2024, the Library of Things team is looking for more donations on its wish list, with the most popular items including carpet cleaners, pressure washers, sanders, and other DIY tools. They are also looking for more volunteers to help fix things and run lending sessions.

Lisa Harper, the Bedminster Library of Things Manager, said: “We’re so excited to get working on the new Library of Things, and incredibly grateful to everyone who donated to our Crowdfunder last year, all the people who have put things aside ready for us to have, and all our amazing BS3 volunteers who have been waiting patiently for this news.”

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Share Bristol logo with the old East Street Shoe Zone in the background

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