Fronting and enclosing streets

A mix of uses along with different types of entrances facing onto streets and into public spaces will generate activity that adds character and a sense of place. Town centre uses, such as shops and cafes, will be carefully placed around the new development to encourage increased footfall on East Street.

A revitalised St Catherine’s Place will draw people onto East Street by connecting to the residential community, via activity focused around the green and improved access to Bedminster station.

Streets should reflect their hierarchy – accommodating access, servicing, buses, cyclists and pedestrians in appropriate proportions. Streets and spaces should have distinct characteristics, with dispersed tree planting, to create variety and choice of spaces.

Key objectives

Entrances on street

Victorian streets are defined by frequent entrances onto the street, similarly new uses should do the same, avoiding separate rear access.

Frontage hierarchy

Frontages should align to important adjacent spaces, and having access to different uses from the same spaces ensures a more even activity. Entrances should be frequent in frontages along the streets.

Illustration: Diagrammatic only; not to scale or in proportion. All precedents and ideas are only one possible approach and do not preclude alternative approaches that address the same challenges.

You can read the full Bedminster Green Framework.