Transitioning new and old neighbourhoods

The Bedminster Green area will establish its own character around the existing assets of the Green and the River Malago. This new environment will link the established character in the conservation area around East Street and the terraced streets and green spaces of Windmill Hill. Transitioning to these areas can be achieved through stepping down in scale, landscaping and through detailed design and materials.

Key objectives

Stepping down

The density and height of the development should be informed by local context, understanding the Windmill Hill ridgeline, surrounding tall buildings and key city landmarks from key views. Stepping down height near existing buildings will help maintain the setting and character of existing streets without an abrupt change.

Skyline cluster

A new roofline and curated skyline will be an identifier for the neighbourhood both locally and from further afield. Changing the appearance of a place on the skyline can identify it as a destination on the city scene.

Illustration: Diagrammatic only; not to scale or in proportion. All precedents and ideas are only one possible approach and do not preclude alternative approaches that address the same challenges.

You can read the full Bedminster Green Framework.